Meet The Translator

If you’re interested in finding out more about who I am as a person, you’ve come to the right place! Read on and let me indulge you (or perhaps just myself) with a few fun facts.


meet the translator photoI’ve worked in the translation industry since I graduated from Durham in 2006 – first as a multilingual translation checker, then as an in-house translator, and now as a freelance translator and editor. My commitment has never faltered, and I was lucky enough to develop my specialisms through in-house training, supervised by senior translators who gave their expert feedback and guidance until I was ready to go it alone.

I see translation as a craft in itself. I firmly believe we should continue to learn and hone our skills throughout our careers.

Though I’ll always remain true to my London roots, my home is in sunny Hampshire and I enjoy exploring the local area when not at my desk. Much of my free time is spent walking, cooking or baking, reading, and entertaining friends and family as often as possible!

  • I was born and raised in north-east London and went to the same school as David Beckham
  • One of my ancestors was the architect who designed Nelson’s Column
  • At school I was the biggest language nerd of my year group, winning prizes for my French and Spanish results at both GCSE and A Level
  • I made a brief TV appearance speaking Spanish on a local news channel during my year in Barcelona – my five minutes of fame!
  • My love for languages comes from a life-long obsession with words and etymology, combined with a fascination for people and how we communicate
  • I came third in a Bake-Off competition at my old workplace – my personal favourite was the gingerbread haunted village I made for Halloween, complete with a hidden speaker playing scary music
  • As a teenager I had dance lessons and performed in amateur shows – I would love to take up tap again at some point and I adore watching old Fred & Ginger movies
  • I love walking and have hiked in the Pyrenees, Morocco and La Palma
  • Music is an important part of my life – at school I played the oboe and I’m determined to improve my piano and guitar skills one day
  • I’ve lived in central and outer London, Durham, northern France, Barcelona and Buckinghamshire, and I’m now in Hampshire
  • I’ve been vegan since 2017 and I’m still learning but loving it!
  • A few of my favourite things (in no particular order): quizzes, recipes, crafting, coffee, crisp autumn leaves, house parties, gin cocktails, climbing up high for stunning views, crosswords, maps, cake, summer boat trips, the complete works of David Bowie… oh, and cats!

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