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Steph very carefully went through my writings, correcting wording, grammar, and spelling. She also commented on all that was unclear and made suggestions. The text was refined and polished, then, and I felt absolutely safe to publish it to the media. (Proofreading outsourcer)

Thanks again for all your fantastic help. (Direct client)

We are very happy with the article and the service provided and we will not hesitate to recommend you in future should anyone need a translator. (…) Thank you again for making it a smooth process and for being so professional. (Direct client)

You really helped me out big time! (Private client)

Thanks for doing such a thorough job. (Direct client)

Amazing – thanks SO much! (…) Thanks again for all your help with the project! (Direct client)

Good, nice style and adapted the sentences so they read just as well/fluently in the target as the source. (Translation agency)

Merci beaucoup pour votre aide! (Translation agency)

This is great – thanks so much! The things you’ve spotted are exactly the kind of howlers and inconsistencies that lots of our proofreaders missed on previous books. (Direct client)

I was very impressed with the quality of this translation. The translator has succeeded in capturing the spirit of the marketing source text, conveying the ideas in English naturally and beautifully. The translator uses wording that is more alluring than that of the source, hooking in and engaging the reader. The grammar, tone, style and flow of the translation were excellent and appropriate for this marketing text. (Translation agency)

Merci beaucoup pour votre réactivité. (Translation agency)

The translation is excellent, I hardly made any changes, thanks for your excellent work! (Translation outsourcer)

I thought it read really well, particularly where you had joined a few sentences to improve the word order in the English. (Translation agency)

Bravo pour la bonne manipulation de Word, ce n’est pas toujours évident. (Translation agency)

Thanks so much, a great service!! (Private client)

Many thanks for your prompt assistance with this, much appreciated. (Private client)

Very well researched and reads well. (Translation agency)